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Sep 29, 1856

Journal Entry

September 29, 1856 ~ Monday

29th I Entered many articles for the state Fair I met with the Nauvoo
on Parade Lieut General Wells Addressed the Legion & reproved
them sharply for not being more interested in the interest of the Legion
He was followed by col Little A Rockwood & W Woodruff &
E D Woolley


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Rockwood, Albert Perry
9 Jun 1805 - 26 Nov 1879
123 mentions
Wells, Daniel Hanmer
27 Oct 1814 - 24 Mar 1891
773 mentions
Woolley, Edwin Dilworth
28 Jun 1807 - 14 Oct 1881
115 mentions
Little, Jesse Carter
26 Sep 1815 - 26 Dec 1893
171 mentions


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Church-wide reformation includes rebaptizing, restructuring and recommitment to principles and covenants. First "home missionaries" introduced (precursor to ministering program).
First baptisms administered in baptismal font; members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles rebaptized (4th rebaptism for Wilford).

Sep 29, 1856