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Mar 17, 1865

Journal Entry

March 17, 1865 ~ Friday

17. I started this morning with Ezra Clark, Lot Smith &
several others for Isaac Bomans in weber Valley we had
[FIGURE 9] three teams on sleighs & about 15 lb of Hay, we drove 20 miles
up weber canyon to Brother Boman's when we arived
there we found his fence lined with cow hides, & sheep
skins, and about a dozen of my sheep lying in the agonies of
death from mere starvation abotut 40 of my sheep had
starved to death during the last week they had nothing to eat
for 7 or 8 days. I immediately fed the sheep & cattle &
they stoped dying, had he let me known the circumstances
a week sooner I should have saved my whole flock,
had it have been a few days later I should have lost all
we staid over night with Brother Boman (67 Endowments 29 sealing)


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Clark, Ezra Thompson
23 Nov 1823 - 17 Oct 1901
33 mentions
5 mentions
Smith, Lot
15 May 1830 - 21 Jun 1892
353 mentions


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Mar 17, 1865