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May 26, 1869

Journal Entry

May 26, 1869 ~ Wednesday

26. It has rained hard for the last 48 hours & is still raining
we are having the Hardest rain & most water falling
we have Ever seen in any summer Month since we have
been in this Territory the whole face of the Earth is all
soaked deep, the seasons are changing with us
[FIGURE] we received 2 letters from Wilford & Susan at
Susan was At Omahaw Robert my son in Law had
become dissatisfied with Mormonishm He had no faith
in it nor in God He never did have much religion
He does not pray nor Enjoy the spirit of the Lord He sold
out his place in Box Elder & Brought his wife & children to
My House they have been stoping with me more than one
Month. I Blessed Susan & her children on the Evening of
May 17, & on the morning of May 18 Susan & her 4 children
left my House to go to the States with Her Husband Robert
Scholes they went to Ogden & took cars & arived in
Omahaw on thursday night it was quite a trial to her and
to her parents to have her leave but they are in the hands of God
& he will deal right with them I spent most of the day in writing


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Scholes, Robert
19 Nov 1835 - 14 Jul 1891
93 mentions
Scholes, Susan Cornelia Woodruff
25 Jul 1843 - 6 Oct 1897
358 mentions
Woodruff, Wilford (Jr.)
22 Mar 1840 - 9 May 1921
699 mentions


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May 26, 1869