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May 27, 1869

Journal Entry

May 27, 1869 ~ Thursday

27. May [FIGURE] I had an unplesant day I spent most of the day
with with Brother James Brown with G. Q. Cannon Drs And-
Bernhisel, & Heber John Richards. Brother Brown was
shot some 5 years ago in the night in the canyon By a young
Man who thought He was a grizerly Bear The Ball Broke his
thigh bone & he has been years in misery & to day the surgeons
cut open his thigh & Examined the Bone & found it so diseased
they amputated his leg near the Body Brother Cannon & myself
held his leg while it was cut off several of his cousins were
present & Bishop Davis Dr Anderson cut his leg off
Heber John Richards took up the arters Br Brown was a strong Man


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1962 mentions
Richards, Heber John
11 Oct 1840 - 12 May 1919
26 mentions
Brown, James Stephens
4 Jul 1828 - 29 Mar 1902
14 mentions
Bernhisel, John Milton
23 Jun 1799 - 28 Sep 1881
313 mentions
Davis, Nathan
6 mentions


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May 27, 1869