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Dec 14, 1872

Journal Entry

December 14, 1872 ~ Saturday

Dec 14 I took cars at 10 oclok with John Sharp went to Ogden
stoped with F. D. Richards attended Meeting in the Tabernacle
Prayer By David M Stewart The various Branches of this
stake of Zion were represented at this conference, this stake was
composed of 17 Branches 15 of which were represented The
Sabbath Schools were represented F. D. Richards closed the
services of the day by representeding the whole staked of Zion At the
close of the day I visited the Court House, City Hall, school House
&c The improvements are a credit to F. D. Richards & the City auth-


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Richards, Franklin Dewey
2 Apr 1821 - 9 Dec 1899
784 mentions
Sharp, John
9 Nov 1820 - 23 Dec 1891
67 mentions


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Dec 14, 1872