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Dec 15, 1872

Journal Entry

December 15, 1872 ~ Sunday

15 Sunday Met at 10 oclok D M Stewart prayed. The Authorities
of the stake were represented & received F. D. Richards spoke
followed by Lester Herrik. Afternoon prayer By Walter Thompson
L Farr spoke then F. D. Richards, W. Woodruff then spoke
one hour & the Meeting was Dismissed By W Woodruff Blessing
the people I spent the night with F. D. Richards 40 M[iles].


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Richards, Franklin Dewey
2 Apr 1821 - 9 Dec 1899
784 mentions
7 mentions
Farr, Lorin
25 Jul 1820 - 12 Jan 1909
69 mentions
2 mentions


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Dec 15, 1872