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May 22, 1877

Journal Entry

May 22, 1877 ~ Tuesday

22 [FIGURES] I received a letter from Bulah and wrote
one to her in return and wrote one to Ellea & Wilford and
one to Emma Nellie Wilford Phebe & Leslie Baptized 695.


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Woodruff, Beulah Augusta Beatie
19 Jul 1851 - 13 Jan 1905
253 mentions
Woodruff, Emma Manella
4 Jul 1860 - 30 Nov 1905
239 mentions
Woodruff, Emma Smith
1 Mar 1838 - 6 Mar 1912
878 mentions
14 mentions
Snow, Leslie Woodruff
6 Feb 1862 - 28 Nov 1935
176 mentions
Snow, Phebe Amelia Woodruff
4 Mar 1842 - 15 Feb 1919
335 mentions
Beatie, Wilford Woodruff
20 Dec 1872 - 2 Oct 1964
35 mentions
Woodruff, Wilford (Jr.)
22 Mar 1840 - 9 May 1921
704 mentions

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Letter to Asahel Hart Woodruff, 22 May 1877
St George Dear Son Asahel How do you get along I would be glad to hear from you and know what you are doing, and how the crops look. How are the bees doing? and how is the strawbury bed? and orchard? how high is the wheat? how much is sown? How is your Mothers health? and the children How is uncle Azmon & Elizabeth, does the watter damage his lot this spring, This county is much earlier than Salt Lake the second crop of Lucern is in the blow and will soon be cut but it is terrible Hot here in midd summer I hope you will write to me before long and let me know how all is with you do all you can to help your Mother and the family Your Affectionate Father W Woodruff
Letter to Emma Manella Woodruff, 22 May 1877
St George Dear Daughter Nellie I have felt that that I wanted to write to you but sickness has preceded me, and I am not vary well at present I would like very much to visit with you and all the family how is your health and how does Clarrie, Owen & Blanch do & get along we have had a very cool spring for this county we are in the midst of mid summer figs and Almonds are fully grown Apples and peaches half grown strawburies all gone the 2second crop of Lucern ready to cut it is very warm weather here in the Summer I spend nearly all my tisme in the Temple except during my sickness BWe baptized on Tuesdy from 600 to 900 and give 100 to 150 endowments each other day. I wish you would write to me and let me know how you get along and how the family are and the news of the county please write Your Affectionate Father W. Woodruff
Letter to Emma Smith Woodruff, 22 May 1877
St George Dear Emma I have been calculating to write to the children but I have been passing through a severe turn of sickness of some two weeks duration in which my life has been at stake and I did not know for days which way it would turn with me. I was finally saved by the power of God and the prayers and faith of the Saints. Brother Miles Romney and several others died with the same Desease the Newmonia David H Cannon had a boy 6 years old die with it while I was sick the Brethren Brought me Dr Higgins but I would not emply him or any Doctor most of them He doctored died. Brethren Admin- istered to me daily and I was carefully nursed through the day, and a Brother Jarvis watched with me through most of the nights and attended to Evy want My Breathing pipes were all stoped up so I


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Wilford resigns as President of the Deseret Agricultural and Manufacturing Society after 15 years.

May 22, 1877