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Jun 16, 1877

Journal Entry

June 16, 1877 ~ Saturday

June 16. [FIGURE 12] Brigham ^Y^ Woodruff Drowned June 16, 1877, 1 oclok Aged 20 years
We drove to pine valley and held a meeting
at 2 oclok. At 1 oclok I was taken
with a severe pain in my stomach which
lasted me six hours I got no relief untill
the Elders [laying on of hands|laid hands]] upon me I was then healed instantly
at 24 oclok I received the following Telegram

Logan June 16, 1877
To Wilford Woodruff St George. Brigham Woodruff
was drowned in Bear River near Smithfield 1 oclok to day
body not found. David Woodruff

Later I got the following Telegram
Logan June 16, Elder W Woodruff Your Brigham
shot duck on bear River, swiming out to obtain it, supposed
he cramped sank about one to day. Men are searching
for Body will Telegraph when found family well as can be Expected

I attended the Meeting which lasted two hours I spent the
night at Br Snows


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Woodruff, Brigham Young, b. 1857
18 Jan 1857 - 16 Jun 1877
62 mentions
Woodruff, David Patten
4 Apr 1854 - 20 Jan 1937
219 mentions
Snow, William
14 Dec 1806 - 19 May 1879
14 mentions


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Wilford resigns as President of the Deseret Agricultural and Manufacturing Society after 15 years.

Jun 16, 1877