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Apr 28, 1884

Journal Entry

April 28, 1884 ~ Monday

28 [FIGURE] I spent the forenoon in the office I received 4 letters
I held a meeting at 11 oclok with Joseph F Smith John
John Sharp B Young & John W. Young. We had receivd
intelligence from Jesse N. Smith that the Ring at St John
was trying to rob our People of their homes by trying to
Buy the Rail Road Lands upon which a part of the
Town of St John stands occupied By our people
We telegraphed to Gen Williamson of Washington D.C.
who was the General Land agent of those RR Lands
to Telegraph to Gen Sedgwick not to dispose of those
Lands untill he received our letter of same date this was
signed By W. Woodruff John Sharp B Young & J W Young. We
also sent a letter to Gen Williamson giving him an
account of matters appertaining to it both Letters & Telegraph
copied into my copy Book. In company with J F Smith
F. D. Richards B Young & H S Eldridge we ordained
Christian Daniel Fjelstead to the office of one of the
first Seven Presidents of the Seventies W Woodruff was mouth


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Young, Brigham (Jr.)
18 Dec 1836 - 11 Apr 1903
542 mentions
30 mentions
Richards, Franklin Dewey
2 Apr 1821 - 9 Dec 1899
787 mentions
Eldredge, Horace Sunderlin
6 Feb 1816 - 6 Sep 1888
136 mentions
Smith, Jesse Nathaniel
2 Dec 1834 - 5 Jun 1906
139 mentions
Sharp, John
9 Nov 1820 - 23 Dec 1891
68 mentions
Young, John Willard
1 Oct 1844 - 11 Feb 1924
300 mentions
Smith, Joseph Fielding
13 Nov 1838 - 19 Nov 1918
3578 mentions

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Telegram to James Alexander Williamson, 28 April 1884
Salt Lake City Gen J A. Williams Land Commissioner A. & P. ^Altantic and Paciif Pacific^ 626 [illegible] St Washington D. C. Will you please request ^Gen Segdgwick^ by telegraph to make no dispostion of the St Johns Railroad lands until you secure our letter of even date W. Woodruff Jno Sharp Jnr W. Young B. Young
Letter to James Alexander Williamson, 28 April 1884
Salt Lake City, . Gen. J. A. Williamson, Land Commissioner Atlantic and Pacific, 626 St Washington, D. C. Will you please request Gen. Sedgwick by telegraph to make no disposition of the St. Johns Railroad lands until you receive our letter of even date. W. Woodruff. Jno. Sharp. Jno. W. Young. B. Young.
Daybook (6 December 1883 - 3 May 1884)
28 I sp[e]nt the forenoon in the off[i]ce rec[eive]d [FIGURE] 4 lett[e]rs Held a Meeting at 11 c with John Sharp J F Smith B Y[oun]g & John W Y[oun]g & sent a telegram to [blank] I went over Jorgan saw my field good stand of Lucern a rain storm retu[rn]ed & orda[in]ed Broth[er] Christ[i]an Daniel Fjelstead to the office of one of the 7 presid[en]ts of the 70


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Apr 28, 1884