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Apr 30, 1884

Journal Entry

April 30, 1884 ~ Wednesday

30 W Woodruff ordained Francis Charles Teasdale a seventy
and set apart to a Mission to the Indian Territor F D Richards set apart
Israel Bale to the same Mission

The Bannock Indian Chief with several others called
upon us to day at the office and had a talk with us Br
Joseph F Smith gave them an order for a sack of corn
and 300 lb of flour Br F S Richards set apart a woman
to go on a Mission with her husband


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Teasdale, Francis Charles
17 Oct 1860 - 13 Jun 1898
2 mentions
Richards, Franklin Dewey
2 Apr 1821 - 9 Dec 1899
787 mentions
Richards, Franklin Snyder
20 Jun 1849 - 7 Sep 1934
100 mentions
2 mentions
Smith, Joseph Fielding
13 Nov 1838 - 19 Nov 1918
3578 mentions


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Daybook (6 December 1883 - 3 May 1884)
Aprail 30 w w ord[ain]ed Francis Charles Teasdale a 70 & set ap[ar]t to a Mission to the Cheroke Israel Bale 70 R to the Cherokee Territory w w set apart 1 for New Zealand & J F Smith 1. [FIGURE] I wrote A Lett[e]r to Jesse Moses & card to Sarah wrote to Nellie & Asahel


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Apr 30, 1884