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Aug 28, 1896

Journal Entry

August 28, 1896 ~ Friday

Aug 28th We got up in the morning, travelled through
the most romantic country I ever saw, a great
deal of the way was through tunnels, the east one
is half a mile to the bottom of the valley. The sun shone
bright, this is the highest elevation we reached.
It is the roughest piece of railroad I ever traveled
for over 90 miles. We took breakfast at Harveys
and passed through Los Angeles at 130 and
through Santa Anna at 315. We saw the old Mission
on San Fran, and came to the Sea San Diego at 10
min to 5 o'clock, and registered at the Coronado
which is on an island in the bay of San Diego.

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Daybook (13 August 1896 - 14 September 1896)

28 we got up in the Morning & travelled through the Most romantic country I ever saw Near half of the way was through tunnels they last a Mile to the bottom of valley it is called Tehachapi the sun shone through This in the Highest Elevation we reached the same as Salt Lake It is the roughest peace of rail road

Daybook (13 August 1896 - 14 September 1896)

I ever travelled for 70 Miles I ever travelled we have passed 90 Miles of rough road we took breakfast at Hoave's We passed through Loss Angles at [FIGURE] 1 30 And though [Santaanna] 3.15 we saw the old [Missis] on San wan in Capisstar- no. we came to seaside at 10 Minutes to 5 oclock

Letter from Christian Nielsen Lund, 28 August 1896

Kjebenhavn, ^Copenhagen Denmark^. 2 3 6 Keep clean Min President Wilford Woodruff, Salt Lake City, Utah: Dear Brother: We sent you telegram, Aug 25, announcing the death of Elder A. Björkman, who died ^in^ 19 inst. at Solvarbo, Sweden, Chaving now received full particulars, we deem it proper to forward same to you. A full account of his labors, death and burial has been sent to his family. Elder Andrew Björkman was born in Björklinge, Upland, Sweden, Jan. 22, 1838. ^He^ Rreceived the Gospel, by Baptism, May 18, 1864, and emigrated to Utah in 1869. He arrived here as a Missionary, June 29, 1895, and was appointed by Pres. Sunduvall to labor in Stockholm Conference. His field of labor was Solvarbo Branch in Dalarne, where he, in connection with Elder Lennberg, has performed a good work, laboring there until death call him hence. A day or two before his death he separated from Elder Len^n^berg, making an appointment to meet him a few days later. Elder Björkman remained in Solvarbo to prepare the report of the Branch to be forwarded to Stockholm. On the 19th of Aug, he seemed to be in his usual health and partook of dinner with the family of Saints with whom he was staying. After dinner he went with them into the field where the work of harvesting was going on.

Letter from Joseph Emanuel Cardon, 28 August 1896

Logan, Utah, . Bro. Wilford Woodruff. Salt Lake City. Dear Brother, I shall be ready to start from there, for my mission, to the Northern States, on the date named in your letter. Praying for the choicest blessings of God to be with you, and that I may be blessed with health and strength to fulfill this great call I am, Your Brother, Jos. E. Cardon. Presdt. W. Woodruff Brother Corrdon is a good Latter day Saint I can Reccomend him for this mission.Thomas X Smith Bp


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Aug 28, 1896