Letter to Lyman Wight, 1 July 1857

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    G. S. L. City July 1 1857 Brother Lyman Wight Dear Sir I take the liberty of addressing a few lines to you for various reasons, one is for old acquaintance sake, and another for the purpose of making a request of you, and upon this subject I will write first, it is this. During the last year I have been engaged in writing the History of the church and especially the History of the Twelve. I am taking up the Quorum from the commencement, have been trying to write your ...
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    forward to me soon. Give my respects to Sister Wight, Orange, and any with whom I am acquainted. We are all well, it is a general time of peace, health and plenty in this Territory at present—never a better prospect for crops. Our Eastern mail arrived on the 23rd inst. being the quickest trip ever made (25 days) from Independence 1200 miles. We are informed all hell is boiling over against the Mormons. Parly P. Pratt was murdured in ...
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    as good to me to day as it was when I was with you in the old log cabin in Clay County, and milking the cows for Sister Wight and making brick for col. Arthurs house. All the world will find it is true in the end. We are living in an important day and God is bringing about his purposes and the Devil is a trying too. Great things are at the door. I say again br. Lyman come and see us, we will not ...