“I Did Not Feel the Cold”

by Maddie Christensen

“On the 31st of Dec I with my Brother Azmon Woodruff . . . went forward in baptism.”1

Sam Day, professional artist and illustrator, was commissioned to create a work of art detailing Wilford Woodruff’s baptism for the Wilford Woodruff Papers Foundation Conference, “Building Latter-day Faith.” Having been an artist for over forty-five years, Sam has extensive experience in painting spiritual topics and portraits.

Before this commission, the only known painting of Wilford Woodruff’s baptism was of a beautiful spring day. However, Wilford was baptized on December 31, 1833, in upstate New York, where over three feet of snow blanketed the ground at the time—unlike the scenario depicted in the earlier spring painting.

A Foundation: Love of God and Fellow Man

by Rob Swanson

Come, Follow Me

On October 6, 1887, Wilford Woodruff helped pen an epistle to the Young Men’s Mutual Improvement Association (YMMIA). Unable to attend the YMMIA’s conference, President Woodruff and fellow Apostles Joseph F. Smith and Moses Thatcher sent an epistle encouraging the young men of the Church and providing counsel and direction. They offered the young men this counsel for how to leave the conference:

The Rocks in Your Cairn

by Shauna Horne

Come, Follow Me

I love to hike. Whenever I have a chance, I hit the trail. I have lists of places that I want to hike and mountains I want to summit.

As I read in 1 Peter this week, I thought of cairns. A cairn is a manmade pile of rocks that is assembled to be a marker or a memorial. Often people make these cairns to mark a trail that could be difficult to find or as a guidepost to reassure hikers that they are on the right path. Cairns are also often built as memorials. For instance, they may be built at the top of an especially difficult mountain summit to memorialize the sacrifice and accomplishment of finishing the hike.

“Let Patience Have Her Perfect Work”

by Lyndie Jackson

Come, Follow Me

We live in a world of immediate results. Lose weight fast. Get rich quick. Be successful now.

With the constant pressure to have it all immediately, James’s counsel to “let patience have her perfect work” seems a little unreasonable—but I love the promise that follows: “That ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing” (James 1:4).

Volunteer Spotlight: Laurie Low

by Maddie Christensen

Volunteer Spotlights

“I have felt a spark kindled regarding my family history in the early days of the Church,” shares Laurie Low, a member of the Wilford Woodruff Papers Foundation Board.

“Good Things to Come”

by Craig Lindquist

Come, Follow Me

“We have now learned that God means what He says, and says what He means. . . . When He gives to us revelations of the greatest moment to us, will He not set forth His mind and will in their true meaning, as He intends they shall be fulfilled, and as He intends we shall understand them?”