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Apr 13, 1837

Journal Entry

April 13, 1837 ~ Thursday

April 13th 1837. Marriage being an institution
of heaven & honourable in all, I accordingly
accepted the honour, upon this memorial day,
by joining hands with Miss. PHEBE W. CARTER
in the bonds of matrimony and took upon ourse-
lves the marriage covenant. Elder Johnathan
Also took the same responsibility
upon himself at the same time by giving his hand
to Miss Mary Carter in the marriage coven
nant. We were married at the house of
President JOSEPH SMITH, Jr The ceremony
was solemnized by President Frederick G.
President J. Smith Sen the Patriarch
then blessed us in the name of the Lord and
pronounced great Blessings upon us & our
posterity. President J. Smith Jr was expecting
to solemnize the ceremony, but his life was
so beset & sought for by wicked and ungodly
mem for the testimony of JESUS, that he was
under the necessity of fleeing from his house
& home for a few days. O when will the
prophets of ^God^ rest upon the earth.

We were married at 2oclock PM
and at 4 PM. the whole company consisting
of about 16 couple walked from President
J. Smiths, to President S Rigdons whare we
were gratifyed with the privilege of seeing Elder
George Robinson & Miss Thalia Rigdon also
Joined in matrimony by President F G Williams
The company dispersed at the sitting of the
sun I spent the night at President Joseph
Smiths May the Lord bless us all with salvation

The sun in the east arose, to
gladden earth & shed oe'r nature
his pleaseing beams to wellc-
ome the return of delightful spri
ng that drearry winter might
be forgotten. No day more pleas-
ing than April thirteenth 1837
while all nature smiled without
friendships purest joys were
felt beneath a prophets roof
whare the brides and bri-
desgroom found a welcome
reception. While by law with
the nuptial cord their hands
were bound their congenial
hearts in one, lay cemented
bearing the seal of Eternal life.
Their friendship formed from
principle pure, virtue unsuled,
bid refinement oe'r those
hearts to rule, possessing the
love of GOD the ownly founda-
tion of true friendship. True
the prophet Joseph from his wife,
children, & house for a mome
nt had fled had torn himself
from their embrace in some
lonely place to seek a shelter
to escape the blood thirsty
gentiles hands against him ra-
ised for bearing the testimo-
ny of Jesus Christ. A
Patriarch yet was left. He
Possessing a Holy Priesthood
more ancient than his gray
hairs arose upon his feet to
bless in the name of GOD the
married four. Being clothed
in the spirit through the power of
the priesthood he pronounced
upon the wedded heads and their
posterity blessing that ne'r decay

While heaven smiles
upon the Elders of Israel friendship
presents each with a bride as a help
whose prayers will be waft
ed by a more holy breeze than
wind up to the throne of GOD for
their companions while bound
in chains & vaults in prisons
cast for the word of God &
the testimony of Jesus. These
feeble words inspire their harts
to call on God that he may here
& send deliverance to the
bridegroom in distance lands
while under Zions banner the
bride finds protections.

O heaven protect
the four that they their cove-
may fulfill that friend-
ship may grow old purbut pure
and strong as death that pea
ce and harmony may crown
their lives. Let God direct
their steps their hearts posse
ss his love while personal fri
endship joins their hearts and
hands in one may light and
truth their way direct untill
they meet the great bridegroom

{True friendship is everlasting}


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2 mentions
Smith, Emma Hale Bidamon
10 Jul 1804 - 30 Apr 1879
55 mentions
Williams, Frederick Granger
28 Oct 1787 - 10 Oct 1842
38 mentions
Robinson, George W.
14 May 1814 - 2 Oct 1878
15 mentions
Holmes, Jonathan Harriman
11 Mar 1806 - 18 Aug 1880
17 mentions
Smith, Joseph (Jr.)
23 Dec 1805 - 27 Jun 1844
2234 mentions
Smith, Joseph (Sr.)
12 Jul 1771 - 14 Sep 1840
127 mentions
Holmes, Marietta Carter
4 Apr 1820 - 20 Aug 1840
8 mentions
Woodruff, Phebe Whittemore Carter
8 Mar 1807 - 10 Nov 1885
1555 mentions
Rigdon, Sidney
19 Feb 1793 - 14 Jul 1876
209 mentions

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Apr 13, 1837