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May 1, 1837

Journal Entry

May 01, 1837 ~ Monday

May 1st Mrs Woodruff &with myself removed our
boarding place to Elder W Parrishes whare we
tarry for the present


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Woodruff, Phebe Whittemore Carter
8 Mar 1807 - 10 Nov 1885
1555 mentions
Parrish, Warren Farr
10 Jan 1803 - 3 Jan 1877
181 mentions

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Autobiography 1883 Tullidge's Quarterly Magazine Notes 1
Mrs Woodruff with myself removed our boarding place to Elder W. Parrish's and on the


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Woodruffs live with Jonathan and Olive Hale; Wilford records patriarchal blessings for Joseph Smith Sr.

May 1, 1837