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Feb 9, 1849

Journal Entry

February 09, 1849 ~ Friday

9th I spent the day at home writing I recieved the New York
weekly Herald
it was occupied with the Calafornia gold fever
And excitement, sailing of ships to the gold digings list of passen-
gers &c And peaces Headed Proposed Disolution of the Union the
Slavery And Aboliton question still rages through the country


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11th Sunday In company with my Brother & Sister in Law Ezra Carter Jr & Sarah B. Foss I met with the Saints at Br Birds And I preached to them more than one hour from the [blank] ch of Heb I had freedom in speaking it was the first time that Father Ezra Carter Jr ever attended A Mormon meeting His prejudice which has been strong against the Latter Day Saints was perfectly broaken down to day. He expressed his entire satisfac- tion at what he herd. And I find the prejudice of many men are breaking down at the present time throughout the world
~ Wilford Woodruff


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Feb 9, 1849