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Feb 8, 1849

Journal Entry

February 08, 1849 ~ Thursday

8th [FIGURE 1] I wrote two letters to day one to Dwight Eveleth
the other to Horace Humphry or John Jay of crockers neck or
Cape Cod requesting information concerning the Church in that
region I recieved A letter from Little & Hardy And A small Box
[FIGURE 10] [FIGURE 1] of groceries I wrote them A long letter And made An
extract from P P Pratts letter at the valley. Sister Lydia Hartford
called for some council And spent the night


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3 mentions
Little, Jesse Carter
26 Sep 1815 - 26 Dec 1893
171 mentions
Stocking, John Jay
24 Apr 1806 - 23 Oct 1870
21 mentions
Hardy, Leonard Wilford
31 Dec 1805 - 31 Jul 1884
227 mentions
Pratt, Parley Parker
12 Apr 1807 - 13 May 1857
525 mentions


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11th Sunday In company with my Brother & Sister in Law Ezra Carter Jr & Sarah B. Foss I met with the Saints at Br Birds And I preached to them more than one hour from the [blank] ch of Heb I had freedom in speaking it was the first time that Father Ezra Carter Jr ever attended A Mormon meeting His prejudice which has been strong against the Latter Day Saints was perfectly broaken down to day. He expressed his entire satisfac- tion at what he herd. And I find the prejudice of many men are breaking down at the present time throughout the world
~ Wilford Woodruff


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Feb 8, 1849