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Feb 23, 1855

Journal Entry

February 23, 1855 ~ Friday

23rd I called to see brother Russel to day He was sum better
I attended the Grammar school at night


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Russell, Joseph
17 Aug 1786 - 10 Mar 1855
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we as a people have to sanctify ourselves before the Lord in order to sanctify have the blessings & approbation of the Lord upon us. It will be far better for us to restrain our children from Evil than to suffer them to go headlong to ruin & they will thank God to all Eternity that there parents have given them good council & restrained them from Evil rather than to be permitted to plunge into misery sin sorrow & woe we should treat our wives & children with kindness & affection & give them good council & when we have done all we can for them then if they will do ^w^rong & go to ruin our gar- ments are clear & I hope from this time forth that we may not look upon sin with any degree of allowance of approbation which may God grant for Christ Amen
~ Wilford Woodruff


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Feb 23, 1855