Letter from John Whitmer, 4 January 1836

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    Kirtland O. January 4, 1836 Dear Brother Yours came to hand 8 or 10 days since. I hope you will pordon me for not writing sooner, for I feel that I have a just cause to be excused. And this because of a multiplicity of business. The Hebrew School commenced this day, and I hope that I shall be able to attend it some, but out of necesity I will be excluded part of the time because of the press of business. You have no doubt an idea in regard to the ...
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    our Heavenly Father clothes them, and will he not do as much for one of his Young servants; yes verily he will clothe them with wisdom and inteligence that they will be able to confound the wise. God has said he would choose the weak things and the unlearned to bring about his works in these last days. Therefore, comfort yourself with the above sayings and many others that time would fail me to enumerate, and they are familiar to yourself, continue to be faithful and the God of Abraham, Isaac, and
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    John Whitmore Janu 4th 1836 Kirtland Mills ^25^ Iwy Elder Wilford Woodruff Paris Henry Co Ten. [sideways text] W W Willford Willford Willford GW G W G W Barn^et^ GW Barnet GWB GWB