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Aug 7, 1838

Journal Entry

August 07, 1838 ~ Tuesday

7 I left Thomaston wharf on board a sail boat in company with Brother Thomas & Mr Spaldin for
fox Islands. We arived at Brother Sterretts in the afternoon after spending a short time with them
I walked to Brother Ephraim Luce & to Br Stephen Luce & spent the night distance of the day 18 mile
I found Br & Sister Luce strong in the faith. [FIGURE] I received a letter from Elder Thomas B. Marsh
from Zion in answer to the one I wrot to the Bishop & Presidency & Saints in Zion they
are both published in the 3rd No. of the Elders Journal


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Luce, Ephraim
30 Sep 1799 - 2 Mar 1880
35 mentions
2 mentions
70 mentions
Luce, Stephen
25 mentions
Marsh, Thomas Baldwin
1 Nov 1800 - 31 Dec 1865
98 mentions


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Autobiography 1857 Draft 1
On the I received a letter from Thomas B Marsh informing me of my appointment to fill the place in the Quorum of the Twelve of one who had fallen and I was requested to come to Far West as soon as possible to prepare for a mission to England in the spring. I immediately visited all the Saints upon both Islands and earnestly exhorted them to sell their property and prepare themselves to accompany me to the body of the Church in Missouri. Several immediately sold their property but many were poor and had not the means to. Brother Nathaniel Thomas said he would furnish means to help off all the poor saints upon Fox Islands who wished
Autobiography 1883 Tullidge's Quarterly Magazine Notes 1
arrived there on the . Here on the I was presented with the following letter from President Thomas B. Marsh: Called to the Twelve (A copy of a letter written by Thomas B. Marsh to Wilford Woodruff) Far West, July 14th 1838. Elder Wilford Woodruff. Sir, A few days since President Joseph Smith Jun and some others were assembled to attend to some Church business when it was thought proper to select those who were designed of the Lord to fill the places of those of the Twelve who had fallen away namely Wm. E. Mc Lellin Lyman E. Johnson Luke Johnson and John F Bointon. The persons selected were John E Page, John Taylor Wilford Woodruff and Willard Richards. On the following day five of the Twelve with President Rigdon and some others met and resolved that President Rigdon write to Brother Richards who is now in England and inform him of his appointment and that P. P. Pratt write to Orson Pratt and inform him that the Lord has commanded that the Twelve assemble in this place in this place as soon as possible and that I should write to yourself.
Autobiography 1865 Millennial Star
where I arrived .


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Wilford receives news of his calling as an apostle; and call to go on mission to England with apostles.

Aug 7, 1838