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Feb 7, 1849

Journal Entry

February 07, 1849 ~ Wednesday

7th Wilford Appears quite comfortable to day his sickness seems to
have turned And A prospect of his soon recovering for which I
feel thankful to my heavenly Father. I recieved A visit from Mr
Wm B. Shedd No 3 Franklin Street Charlestown Mass He was A Brother to the

Brother Shedd who was poisoned At there city of the great salt Lake
by eating wild Parsnip He died in few moments After eating it. Mr
Shedd wishesd to send out seeds to Adorn the field with shrubery &
fruit that his brother occupied And He recommended that trees be
planted in A row through the centre of the street. we have good sleying
through the streets to day


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Shedd, Brother
brother of Willliam B Shedd
1 mention
Woodruff, Wilford (Jr.)
22 Mar 1840 - 9 May 1921
704 mentions


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4th Sunday I had A meeting in the fore part of the day with my family [FIGURE] my wife And cheildrin come together once A week. We sing And Pray And I teach them the things of the kingdom of God And I break bread And partake of the sacrament with them. My ownly son living was baptized when he was Eight years old. He is now most nine year of Age He is A good youth And seems to be under the influence of the spirit of the Lord He obeys his Parents in all things I ordained him this day to the office of A Priest to officiate in that office in his Fathers houshold untill He shall Arive At A suitable Age to officiate in the Church. When I Am abroad away from my family Attending to the Affairs of the Church Phebe W. Woodruff my wife & Mother of my children calsls them together And teaches & instructs them to pray And to understand the principles of faith And the gospel And Wilford Woodruff Jr Now ordaind A Priest can bless the bread And wine And Administer it to the family who Are members of the Church from time to time inasmuch As they have not A chance to Attend meeting in Any branch of the church
~ Wilford Woodruff
11th Sunday In company with my Brother & Sister in Law Ezra Carter Jr & Sarah B. Foss I met with the Saints at Br Birds And I preached to them more than one hour from the [blank] ch of Heb I had freedom in speaking it was the first time that Father Ezra Carter Jr ever attended A Mormon meeting His prejudice which has been strong against the Latter Day Saints was perfectly broaken down to day. He expressed his entire satisfac- tion at what he herd. And I find the prejudice of many men are breaking down at the present time throughout the world
~ Wilford Woodruff


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Feb 7, 1849