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Mar 23, 1846

Journal Entry

March 23, 1846 ~ Monday

23rd [FIGURE] Farewell we arose early in the morning
to start on our Journey took
Breakfast & bid fare well to the town of
Farmington And all the inhabitants thereoff
we were taken to new Britain in A waggon
our company consisted of Father And Mother
Woodruff And Betsey Cossett who accompanys
them in gathering with the Saints As her
Mother is dead. Also little Phebe & myself
making 4 of us in Number It was A

Plesant morning As we was on the top of
the mountain I cast my eyes back upon
the Town of Farmington And bid it a
final & probably last farewell with joy
we did not get to the train in season to
get on board the Passenger train so
we took the Baggage train to New Haven
I there found Br Adams from Springfield
He went with me to the United States Rifle
Factory I bought 4 rifles with extra
Barrels spent the day in New Haven took
steemer at night Arived in New York in
the morning distance from Farmington 130 m


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Cossett, Anna Hart
18 May 1783 - 31 Jan 1846
59 mentions
Woodruff, Aphek, b. 1779
11 Nov 1779 - 28 May 1861
549 mentions
Woodruff, Azubah Hart
31 Jul 1792 - 20 Mar 1851
255 mentions
Alvord, Betsey Cossett
19 Jan 1805 - 16 Feb 1884
100 mentions
Snow, Phebe Amelia Woodruff
4 Mar 1842 - 15 Feb 1919
337 mentions

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Autobiography Volume 2 circa 1865
We arose early on the morning of the to start on our journey to Nauvoo. We took breakfast and bade farewell to the town of Farmington and the inhabitants thereof Our company consisted of my father mother and cousin Betsey Cossett with myself and little daughter Phebe It was a pleasant morning. We rode to New Britain in a waggon and when we were on the top of the mountain I cast my eyes back upon my native place I gave to it a final and probably my last adieu We did not get to the station in season for the passenger train so we took the baggage train to New Haven. Here I found Elder ^Bro^ Adams from Springfield and he went with me to the United States Riffle Factory and I bought four riffles with extra barrels After the various incidents usual
Autobiography Volume 1 circa 1842-1865
the day & half the night for about 550 years until the 23rd of at which time I took him from the mills in Farmington Ct & on the started with him For the Great Salt Lake Valley in Utah Territory whare


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On final day of work in temple, 600 received ordinances; total of 5,615 received endowments in Nauvoo.
Times and Seasons stops serial publication of the Manuscript History of the Church (history ends with events on August 11, 1834).

Mar 23, 1846