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Mar 24, 1846

Journal Entry

March 24, 1846 ~ Tuesday

24th I called upon Br Ames at 29 Renwick
street then returned to the ship Hired
A carriage to take Father And Mother
to Ilus F Carters 24 Second Street to
spend there time I took my Baggage to
Br Ames I had an exceding busy day
I spent the night with Br Ilus Carters 15 miles


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Woodruff, Aphek, b. 1779
11 Nov 1779 - 28 May 1861
549 mentions
Woodruff, Azubah Hart
31 Jul 1792 - 20 Mar 1851
255 mentions
Carter, Ilus Fabyan
8 Nov 1816 - 11 Dec 1888
403 mentions
2 mentions


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On final day of work in temple, 600 received ordinances; total of 5,615 received endowments in Nauvoo.
Times and Seasons stops serial publication of the Manuscript History of the Church (history ends with events on August 11, 1834).

Mar 24, 1846