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Mar 25, 1846

Journal Entry

March 25, 1846 ~ Wednesday

25 I spent the day with Br Appleby. I
visited Mr Benson near the Franklin Market
who has professed to assist us in some affirs in
chartering ships &c It was A rainy day I wrote
[FIGURE 1] A letter to Br Little with Br Appleby 10 m[iles]


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Little, Jesse Carter
26 Sep 1815 - 26 Dec 1893
172 mentions
Appleby, William Ivins
13 Aug 1811 - 20 May 1870
65 mentions


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On final day of work in temple, 600 received ordinances; total of 5,615 received endowments in Nauvoo.
Times and Seasons stops serial publication of the Manuscript History of the Church (history ends with events on August 11, 1834).

Mar 25, 1846