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Mar 26, 1846

Journal Entry

March 26, 1846 ~ Thursday

26th [FIGURE 10] [FIGURE] This was An exceding busy day I
made A purchase of such dry goods &
shoes, garden seeds &c As was Necessary
I Packed one Parsel of goods in the rifle
Box at Br Beers of $25, one package of shoes
of $21, towo tents $18 = $36 one water
proof tent floor $9.45 I bought one colts

revolvers for $10 I bought one quarter
of A flowering mill $80 = $20 one
{watch} from Ilus F Carter for {Phebe Woodruff} $85 & waggon &c
sundry other goods I obtained from
Ilus the following Address Luther Scammons
New Lancaster Allison P.O. I think
Monmouth Co Phebe And Mother has
spent her whole time with Mrs Carter
And Father And myself have spent our
nights there Ilus F. Carter has been exceding
kind to me And Father And Mother Woodruff before
I left He made me A present of A splended gold pencil worth
from $7 to $10 And Phebe A gold pen worth $4


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Woodruff, Aphek, b. 1779
11 Nov 1779 - 28 May 1861
549 mentions
Woodruff, Azubah Hart
31 Jul 1792 - 20 Mar 1851
255 mentions
Carter, Ilus Fabyan
8 Nov 1816 - 11 Dec 1888
403 mentions
Scammans, Luther
7 Dec 1808 - 10 Jul 1878
73 mentions
Snow, Phebe Amelia Woodruff
4 Mar 1842 - 15 Feb 1919
337 mentions
Woodruff, Phebe Whittemore Carter
8 Mar 1807 - 10 Nov 1885
1558 mentions
Carter, Sarah Fabyan
8 Apr 1775 - 24 Jul 1845
89 mentions


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Mar 26, 1846