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Nov 24, 1855

Journal Entry

November 24, 1855 ~ Saturday

20 to 24th I spent most of the time this week in writing conference
minutes for the Editor of the news I was quite lame with a swelling
on my left leg in the form of a bite


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had presented to them during this conference this people should give themselves to the studying of the revelations of God as con- tained in the Bible book of Mormon & Doctrin & Covenants Some have thought they should follow the living Oracles & neglect the study of all other Revelations but this is not so all men should follow & harken to the living Oracles of God but they should not neglect the study of the scriptures for God has commanded it and any man that will search the revelations of God thouroughly will be far better prepared to carry out the council of the living oracles at all times
~ Wilford Woodruff
their is another subject that I wish to speak of & that is the principle of recording the dealings of God with us here on the Earth while all other prophets & Apostles record the dealings of God with them why should not the Elders of this last dispensation it is true that the Prophet Joseph wrote the History of the church in his day & that testiment is now gladdening the harets [hearts] of thousands while the testator is dead so with the Presidency of the Church who are now leading us they keep a History of the dealings of both God & man with them the History of which will be interesting to millions of future generations but does this excuse the many thousands of Elders & High priest & Apostles who have travelled for many years & built up this church & kingdom & had the gifts of the Holy Ghost with them so they have had power to heal the sick & cast out devils open the eyes of the blind unstop the ears of the deaf cause the lame to leap as an heart & commanded the Elements & they obey them. & have had guardian Angels to preserve them from Danger & Death I say shall the Elders be blessed with these things & not count them worth recording not even make the mark of a pen to leave the Account on record for their children & future generations to read I say they should. I think the Lord requires this at our hands & it is a Rich & Holy legacy which is Justly due our posterity And I do desire that the Elders of this church would keep a history & Journal of their lives I also wish that our young men would become acquainted with Phonography that we may have one thousand reporters whare we have one now that they may report the teachings of the servants of God & the work of God in this generation
~ Wilford Woodruff


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Wilford serves on Board of Directors of Deseret Agriculture and Manufacturing Society.

Nov 24, 1855