Letter from Phebe Whittemore Carter Woodruff, 18 July 1840

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    Lee County Commerce July 18th 1840 My Dear Willford I think that you will believe me when I say that it is with peculiar feelings that I commence this sheet to you my dear Willford what will be your feelings when I say that yesterday I was called to witness the departure of our little Sarah Emma from this wold world- yes she is gone — the relentless hand of death has snatched her from my embrace — but Ah! she was to lovely to ...
    July 18, 1840
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    her to her grave or to shed a tear for her but her Ma. and little Willford I have engaged brother Stephen Luce to make a little fence around her grave. I am now at brother Pettys writing verry near the graveyard. The brethren and sisters are verry kind. Brother Morris Phelps officiated at the grave and is to preach her funeral sermon next sabbath the 26th of july. While on the way to the grave I met with brother
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    of the kind take place soon there was a company of 17 Missourians armed came of over the river below Warsaw and kidnaped 4 of our bretherens and carried them over the river & whiped two of them almost to death The names of those that they whiped is Noah Rogers & the other by the name of Bois the others Jas. Alred & Alansow Brown bro. Alred they striped & tied to a tree & drawed the lash over ...
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    Mr. Willford Woodruff Care of H. Corner 52 Ironmonger Row St Lukes Church Care of H. Corner 52 Ironmonger Row St. Lukes London Elder W. Woodruff Ledbury Herford shire England Care of John Benbo [illegible]^attn^ [illegible]^of M. Smoot^ Phebe W. Woodruff Albert Petty & Margaret T. Smoot July 18" 1840 Answered Oct 30" 1840 directed to Geo W Robinson London London ...