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Collection Name Wilford Woodruff journals and papers, 1828-1898
Collection Description Wilford Woodruff letter to Ozem Woodruff
Collection Number MS 1352
Collection Page 1-7
Source Link The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
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78 mentions
Scriptural Figure
112 mentions
Scriptural Figure
45 mentions
Scriptural Figure
110 mentions
Scriptural Figure
166 mentions
Scriptural Figure
Alvord, Betsey Cossett
19 Jan 1805 - 16 Feb 1884
100 mentions
Cossett, Anna
11 Jun 1811 - 2 Nov 1907
22 mentions
Lincoln, Abraham
12 Feb 1809 - 15 Apr 1865
26 mentions
Historical Figure, Eminent Men and Woman
Scholes, Robert
19 Nov 1835 - 14 Jul 1891
94 mentions

Scholes, Susan Cornelia Woodruff
25 Jul 1843 - 6 Oct 1897
357 mentions
Smith, Joseph (Jr.)
23 Dec 1805 - 27 Jun 1844
2250 mentions
Snow, Lorenzo
3 Apr 1814 - 10 Oct 1901
666 mentions
Apostle, Family
Snow, Phebe Amelia Woodruff
4 Mar 1842 - 15 Feb 1919
337 mentions
Woodruff, Aphek, b. 1779
11 Nov 1779 - 28 May 1861
549 mentions
Woodruff, Beulah Augusta Beatie
19 Jul 1851 - 13 Jan 1905
253 mentions
Woodruff, Moroni Bosnell
abt. 1843-aft. 1861
30 mentions
Woodruff, Ozem Thompson
22 Dec 1804 - 28 Dec 1893
202 mentions
Woodruff, Ozem, b. 1787
3 Nov 1787 - 18 Feb 1871
156 mentions
Woodruff, Phebe Whittemore Carter
8 Mar 1807 - 10 Nov 1885
1558 mentions
Woodruff, Wilford (Jr.)
22 Mar 1840 - 9 May 1921
704 mentions
Young, Brigham
1 Jun 1801 - 29 Aug 1877
3317 mentions
Apostle, Family


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I have reported more sermons & done more journal writing than any man in the Church [ever] and a great Deal of the Church History is made from my Journal. I have kept a Daily Journal for twenty five years & I have recorded in my journal mostany off the sermons & teachings that I have heard Joseph Smith the prophet & Brigham Young and it has been a gift bestowed upon me that I could hear half a dozen sermons Delivered in succession & go to my office & sit down next day and write most of them sentence by sentence as they were Delivered and it is in consequence of this gift that I have been employ as the assistant Historian of the Church I have a great anxiety to preserve the History of the church & kingdom of God established upon the Earth in the last dispensation and fulness of times for it is destined to become a mountain & fill the whole Earth as Daniel saw it
~ Wilford Woodruff
those things which have been prophesied of by Joseph Smith 30 years ago are now being fulfilled day by Day. I wrote 25 years ago a revelation of Joseph Smith saying that a war would commence at the rebelion of South Carolina that South Carolina would rebel against the Government & that the Southern States would rise up against the Northern States & the Northern States would rise up against the Southern States to war & that the Southern States
~ Wilford Woodruff
the Lord is withdrawing his spirit from the inhabitants of the Earth as fast as they are rejecting the Gospel which the Lord has sent among them through the mouth of his servants the prophets which he has raised up in the Last Days unto this generation
~ Wilford Woodruff

the Latter Day Saints are the Kingdom of God that Daniel saw & they will stand become a great mountain & fill the whole Earth while great Babylin will fall & be broaken in peaces l like the image & pass away like the chaff of the summers thrushing flour, The Saints will build up Zion litterly as Isaiah saw it while the Christan world who have shed the blood of the Saints will receive the plagues which the revelation John saw, there will be but two places of safety upon the Earth before the coming of Christ one will be Zion & the other Jerusalem. The Laws will go forth from Zion which will rule all Nations & the word of the Lord from Jerusalem, when the Judgments of God are poured out upon the Earth
~ Wilford Woodruff
This gospel of the Kingdom the Everlasting Gospel as seen by John the Revelator must be preached to every nation tongue & people under Heaven as a witness unto them before the end come, which the Elders are vary fast doing at the present time
~ Wilford Woodruff
The Latter Day Saints will build up Zion. The Ten Tribes of Israel will be reached & come forth from the North country unto the land of Zion & recieve their Endowments & be crowned under the hands of the children of Ephraim the Servants of God, & Zion will be built up in beauty power & glory & the Saints have got to become purified & prepared as a Bride adorned for her husband and the wicked Nations will be destroyed by wars & the judgments of God. And Christ will decend in the clouds of Heaven & all the Saints who are alive will be changed & caught up to meet him & the Saints who are in ther graves will come forth out of ther graves, & will be caught up to meet the Lord then after the wicked are Destroyed the Lord will Descend to the Earth to reign with his Saints one thousand years this is what is called the Millennium
~ Wilford Woodruff